A good design process feels right from start to finish.

At the beginning of any project, you want to know what’s possible and what it will cost. Our process is designed to give you confidence from the start.

Early on, we determine what is really important to you and get clarity on what it will cost so that the rest of the process is something you enjoy.

diagram, engineering drawing
a living room with a large glass door
I want to get to what’s real as soon as possible so you can feel safe investing your excitement  and energy in every moment of the process.

Seth Romig, AIA

How does it work?

Here’s how we get to confidence and clarity in just a few hours.

  • We have a conversation to identify, clarify, and document exactly what you hope for and need.

  • We make an in-person visit to review the realities and opportunities of your home or site.

  • We create an assessment, ideas and suggestions so you
    have something tangible to consider.

  • We show you what is possible given what you seek, your budget, and what’s actually buildable.

  • We fold the assessment fee into your architectural design contract if you decide to move forward with us.

a staircase with a railing and a wall with a planter
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror
The house has a great flow and movement to it. He took all the things that the house was ready to give us and amplified them. Like the way the light hits. I just love the feel of it.

Cynthia R.

He was able to really hear me yet brought his own ideas and blended everything together into something better than I imagined it could be.

Chet S.

Seth is so knowledgeable about every little aspect of construction. That gave us so much confidence.

Manoj M.

I liked Seth so much, I hired him twice. He is an excellent communicator. The way he structures his contract is very fair. You can trust him to stick to your budget and talk openly about money.

Joann P.

Seth is incredibly observant and he took time to get to know us. Three years after moving in, we’re still discovering details he designed that help us to live our lives more easily.

Alicia R.